IP : play.PantheonCraft.net

This server is about a journey of exploring the mythologies in the world


There are called Voyagers, and there are currently 2 on-going Voyages. One to Raico, and the one to Whasi Islands is being processed.

Hub (Pantheon)

Pantheon is the home of our Explorers! From there we can set of on our voyages to explore the know and unknowns of the vast worlds!

Factions (Raico)

Join the Voyage and explore the Raico area! Team up with other explorers and create the biggest faction Raico has ever seen and raid the other factions in and around Raico! Or you know just chill out and explore and build! PVP is enabled and there’s no Peaceful mode for factions so be alert for other raiders!

Skyblock (Whasi Islands)

The exploration of the Whasi Islands is still undergoing preperations, and we hope to be ready soon!

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