A few weeks ago we decided to send out an “Alpha” team to explore the conditions of our destination, Raico, Typeg. The explorers were tasked with reporting their discoveries.


We are happy to inform that the conditions in Raico are astonishing! The towns people are really lovely and welcoming, the people outside however isn’t as lovely.

We went camping with some of the locals a couple of times and they told us stories about Typeg and how many of the explorers who’s come to see the beauty of the land has gone mad, they’re slaughtering each other and raiding other peoples houses for their own personal vendetta.

Raico is the only safe haven nearby because they’re protected by Gods and whatever is making everyone so bloodthirsty ends when they enter the city.
Due to this nature are the rouge explorers usually come to Raico to trade their goods.

We’ll send more stories as they progress to give you all the information you need for this exploration. We might not know what is causing all this madness, but we’re probably gonna need a bigger team to figure it out.

Alpha Team


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