After good feedback from the Alpha team has the official voyage for Raico started! Here is what we know so far about Raico, Typeg!

The town of Raico, holds many wonders, it has its own little market where you can buy and sell your findings, a pyramid of tombs containing great treasures if you have a fitting key, a decade year old Sphinx statue and a lot more!

Outside of the town of Raico is where most explorers go to find treasures and build their homes, this region contains clans where some might be friendly and others blood thirsty.

Some of the explorers are specialists in certain professions, and some whom likes to travel alone are a jack of all trades, but who will be the strongest by the end is the ever lasting question.

Wanna be “God” explorers tends to be punished by the actual gods, so we hope that non of the new explorers have that attitude!

Good luck Explorers and enjoy Raico!

– Sanicle


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