These rules counts for every server, and should always be followed! If anything is unclear please contact a member of staff for help.

Rules of Conduct

  1. Racism / Hate Speech
    No racism, hate speech, or discrimination towards player or staff.
    This includes joking about ANY player, even with personal relationships.
  2. Respect
    Please be respectful to your fellow Explorers(players) and listen to what Pioneers(staff) tells you.
    Public chat is English only, clan chat/msg are allowed in any language.
  3. Spam
    Avoid spamming chat, it is annoying for everyone.
  4. Advertisement / Links
    Do NOT advertise other servers/realms. This also include advertising this server on other servers, don’t.
    Linking to YouTube/Twitch etc, can be done in appropriate discord channel.
  5. Begging
    Do NOT beg to become a Pioneer (staff), instead apply here.
  6. Assist Abuse
    Asking for assistance from a Pioneer (staff), to then kill them are NOT allowed. Pioneers are there to support you and you should respect them taking their time to help.
  7. Bug / Exploit Abuse
    Do NOT use bugs/exploits with/without any plugins, this includes but not limited to duplication bugs, item spawns, etc.
    If any bugs/exploits are found please report them to staff, so they can be fixed.
  8. Macros / Scripts
    Scripts giving an unfair advantage such as auto-clickers are NOT permitted.
  9. Hacks / Mods
    Hacked clients / mods are under NO circumstances allowed! This include but is not limited to XRay, PVP hacks, auto-soup, scaffold, etc.
  10. Multi Account
    Multiple accounts online are allowed (up to 2 accounts, per person) However if a Pioneer(staff) kicks one/tells you to log it off, then do not re-log.
    Alt accounts are NOT allowed to be in a faction to boost power.

Approved Mods

  • Brightness & Gamma Mods
  • Shaders/Aesthetics Mods
  • Client Performance Mods (FPS Improvement)

Ban Appeal

Asking to be unbanned over discord or a friend will NOT get you unbanned. Instead take some time to reflect your actions and appeal here.